“We are all … children of this universe. Not just Earth, or Mars, or this system, but the whole grand fireworks. And if we are interested in Mars at all, it is only because we wonder over our past and worry terribly about our possible future.”


Mr. Kettlewell has appeared in Europe and throughout the United States and can be heard frequently on public radio stations throughout North America.


Music Crest Productions is a Minneapolis-based company dedicated to the artistic development of unique music compilations that entertain, inform and inspire.


"Wind sounds originating from a digital data file from NASA's Mars Pathfinder, have been combined by classical solo piano music by Johann Sebastian Bach." Space News


Measurements were taken every four seconds throughout the Martian days and nights for the length of the mission. When the data arrived back on Earth, it came through as many pages of numbers in six columns, each column reflecting the measurement taken from one of the six wires.